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Cat is an animal from Felidae or Felid family. We all know CAT as in house pet but there are mainly two types of Cats out there. First one is very know Domestic Cat which is also known as Pet Cat and second type is Wild Cat.

The Scientific Name of Cat is - "Felis Catus". It has an average life span of 2 - 16 years (in wild cat). Cats have Gestation Period of 58 - 67 days. Cat is a lazy animal, it requires sleep of 12 - 16 hours per day. An adult cat weighs around 3.5 to 4.5 kg. 

There are 71 Cat Breeds in world according to The International Cat Association however Encyclopedia Britannica lists only 15 Cat Breeds. Some of the examples of Cat Breed are: Persian Cat, Bengal Cat, Sphynx Cat, Savannah Cat, Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Russian Blue, Bombay Cat, Manx Cat, Van Cat, Toyger, Lykoi, Korat, Cornish Rex, Minskin, Snowshoe Cat, Devon Rex, Bavana Brown, etc.

Some interesting facts about Cats:

1) Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping

2) The oldest known pet cat existed 9500 years ago in Egypt

3) The longest Cat found was a Maine Coon called Stewie which was 48.5 inches long

4) The record for the tallest Cat is held by Arcturus at a 19.05 inches tall.

5) As per Guinness World Records, the richest Cat in the Word was Blackie who had a fortune of 7 million pound.

6) Cats walk like Camel and Giraffes

7) Isaac Newton invented the Cat Door

8) In 1963 a cat went to space 

9) Ancient Egyptians used to shave off their eyebrows when on the demise of their Cat

10) A house cat can run at a speed of up to 30 MPH

How do felines speak with one another? 

Felines have various methods of speaking with different felines and with people. Felines impart vocally (whimpering, murmuring, and murmuring) and with their bodies and conduct. 

Generally, felines yowl just to speak with people, not with different creatures, as indicated by anthrozoologist John Bradshaw in his book, Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet. Some portion of his proof is that wild felines don't yowl close to as much as trained house felines. 

Moreover, researchers accept that the whimper is a manipulative conduct felines embrace to get what they need. Nicholas Dodman of Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine contends that felines can realize which commotions are best at getting their proprietors to do what they need them to do. 

In any case, how well do people comprehend what felines are stating? 

In 1895, when felines were simply starting to become normal family unit pets, a man named Professor Alphonse Leon Grimaldi composed an exposition clarifying what felines were stating to people. Prior to 1895, felines were for the most part outside creatures. They were utilized to get rodents yet were not brought inside much of the time or adored as friends. In his article, "The Cat," Grimaldi interpreted probably the most widely recognized feline words into human words. For instance, he accepted that "Aelio" signified "food." 

Over a hundred years after the fact, some feline specialists despite everything accept that specific feline clamors can be comprehended by people. Jean Craighead George, a creator and naturalist, arranges feline vocalizations in a way that appears to be fundamentally the same as human correspondence. For instance, she says that "Mee-o-ow" (with falling rhythm) is a dissent or a cry. 

In any case, not all researchers accept that feline sounds can be deciphered so without any problem. A recent report by Nicholas Nicastro and Michael Owren called Classification of local feline vocalizations by innocent and experienced human audience members found that felines don't utilize vocalizations to stand out from people, yet the capacity to decipher those commotions relies a great deal upon the human. Proprietors are greatly improved at deciphering the significance of their own felines. 

One basic misconception among feline proprietors is that felines possibly murmur when they are cheerful. Sandy Robins clarifies that while most felines do murmur when they are cheerful, they likewise murmur when they are on edge or in torment. One of the other principle ways that felines discuss both with people and different felines is with their tail. A feline strolling with an upstanding tail is loose and benevolent. A tail washing to and fro rapidly can mean a feline is furious or inquisitive. On the off chance that a feline's tail is fleecy and the hair remaining on end, that implies the feline is compromised and is attempting to make it look greater to frighten off a danger. 

Another basic conduct is when felines head-knock people and rub into them. Researchers accept this is either an approach to welcome people and state they are glad to see them – or as a method of spreading their fragrance and denoting their domain. Felines have aroma organs on their cheeks, jaw, and close to their tail. At the point when they rub those pieces of their body on an item or another creature, they move a fragrance that lone different felines can smell.

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